Monday, February 27, 2012

They can travel through cable wires, you know, and just bust right out in your living room

    Charleston Daily Photo's proprietress, Joan Perry, spends time among the Low Country's zombie denizens, but just in case that makes you chary of everyone's natural desire to meet her if they are ever in Charleston, she insists she isn't one- yet.
     Still, just out of caution- and since The Walking Dead returns tonight, Waldo has been keeping an eye out for zombie news and events for some time, just as an FYI for his blogfriend and anyone else who may, from time to time, be beset by zombie issues or concerns (for a past set of FYIs/ updates, click here. And this.)
     So here's the latest if they show up in your neighborhood: The CDC recommends quarantine (or, as the old administration would have said, "enhanced movement restriction"). For a more granular analysis, read this.

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  1. Such a relief that the CDC is on the job ....oh, I am scared now.